Group invite for Junction saunas

Invite for group Saunas at Junction Arts Festival.

From tomorrow, 3rd September 2015, there are two Sauna Nation flagship saunas in City Park, Launceston, Tasmania.

The Sauna Nation saunas at Junction Arts Festival are happy to welcome your group – work, family, friends – to sauna together.

At its heart, Sauna Nation champions saunas as centres for social interaction – a warm environment for networking, socialising and for discussing important or challenging issues.

  • Would you like to have a business meeting?
  • Celebrate a birthday, or a colleague’s leaving do?
  • Have you been struggling to find a warm, calm environment to have a tricky conversation?
Then get in touch!

Each sauna can fit 5-6 people, a couple more at a squeeze. Get in touch with the booking office at Junction Arts Festival to find out more.